Thank you Francis, that is something to remember from time to time.

I started running mid 2021 and realized recently that this routine of going out, exercice and observe the "outside" (nature, neighborhood, etc.) is very important for my baseline now. If I don't have my "sessions", I'm less open and a little bit grumpy. But when I do get those moments, I come to my desk with more motivation and creativity. The Do Walk book helped me frame this. I know you loved it too. 🤓

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my studio is in my attic, it is a dedicated space but for some reason getting there is a huge challenge! so when you said "I feel like there are so many things to do, like the laundry, cleaning the kitchen, etc.

At the end of the day, I feel frustrated because I did not really have the chance to have time for myself." - i understood

i work outside of the home during the week, so when i am home on the evenings and weekends i tend to do everything else except go into my studio :|

i also cycle (which i love) so i am wondering if i leave the house, go on a bike ride and then come back and go straight to my studio if this would work?

something to try :)

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Great advice!

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